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Spaces – Listings Map Bootstrap + Dashboard Theme


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Released5 years ago
Updated3 years ago
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Premium Listings Bootstrap Template

Spaces is a premium listings Bootstrap template featuring 19 hand-crafted pages including spaces list, owner, space details, my account pages and many more. It also comes with a fully integrated UI Kit.

Built by Themesberg

Spaces was designed and coded by Themesberg. We are a startup which creates high quality Bootstrap UI Kits, Themes and dashboards. Over 2k developers & companies are using our products all across the world.

37 hand-crafted pages

Spaces comes with a large variety of pages including 3 landing pages, 2 listings pages, a map view, details page, profile page, support center, careers page, authentication templates and many more.


You also get a premium Dashboard with 9 pages for a user dashboard where you can update profile information, list items, settings, messaging and many more. Here’s the dashboard preview.

UI Kit

The backbone of Spaces is the advanced set of components that make up the sections and pages of this template. With over 700 premium Bootstrap components you can easily customize and create new pages.

MapBox integration

We know how important it is to be able to showcase list items in a map view based on location, so we designed and implemented a custom integration of MapBox to show list items with custom markers and popovers with more information. Here’s the map view page.

Notable features 🚀

  • 37 hand-crafted pages – all the premium pages a listings website may need including 3 landing pages, 2 listing pages, map view and many more
  • Dashboard – my account pages including settings, list items, messaging and many more
  • Charts – premium charts using the popular library Chartist JS
  • MapBox – custom integration with markers and popovers to showcase list items in a map view with the popular open source library MapBox
  • Blog – Spaces comes with an blog and article page to attract users through content marketing 
  • Included UI Kit – Over 700 premium Bootstrap components included
  • Fully documented – workflow and components are properly documented with copy-paste snippets
  • W3C Validated – all html files are verified and error free
  • Creative rights – you have full right to use and distribute the included images, icons and fonts
  • Great workflow – using Gulp commands and SASS variables you get a fast and powerful development workflow
  • Minified code – using one of our Gulp commands you can get the project files in a minified state
  • Gulp partials – components and sections are well documented and included as partials that you can use to build even more pages
  • Free Updates – Spaces will be continuously updated and you’ll get free updates
  • Customer support – get 6 months of free customer support from the creators of the theme

Useful links:

Supported browsers 📟

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
  • Opera

Roadmap (To-do list) 🛣

  • maps with pin details page
  • update to Bootstrap 5 when released

Developers first 👨‍💻

Spaces is easy to customize as it was built by developers using Sass, Gulp and Bootstrap CSS framework:

  • Built with the latest Bootstrap 4.x
  • Thoroughly customized SASS
  • Gulp automation tool to boost your production
  • Developer friendly and well-commented code structure
  • In-depth detailed Documentation with copy-paste snippets

Design 👩‍🎨

Get access to customizable web page designs and useful design tools to build your website with:

  • 100% responsive layouts/components
  • Premium Images (100% demo images are included in the download package)
  • Control the look and feel of your website, from its layout to content and colors
  • 100+ customizable UI components
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images & logos

Free updates 🎁

Spaces is a theme that will get free continuous updates along the way.

Theme support 💪🏻

Do you have a question? By default you get 6 months of technical support and you will be able to talk with the creators of the theme getting the best quality support you can get. Please contact us.

Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

If you enjoy using Spaces you can tune in with our community on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and by reading our blog about web development & design. You can also browse more Bootstrap Themes, Templates and UI Kits developed by Themesberg (*we recommend purchasing Spaces from themes.getbootstrap).

Alternatively, you can also check out our open-source Tailwind CSS components from Flowbite.

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Absolutely horrendous
  • by Ray
  • 4 years ago
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If you are looking for a theme to use as a lone standing project this is a great theme.

It is not compatible with wappler or any other mainstream compilers where you need the bootstrap and custom theme separated.

In order to get the theme to work, we had to recompile it without bootstrap. Once done it works fine with any framework.

The communication from the theme developer is superb.

Easy to use & great support
  • by Codrin
  • 4 years ago
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It's a simple, precise and well documented theme. I'm using it and integrated with Django (as I do not use NodeJS) and so far so good if you pay attention to the dependencies. It could be better and I'm sure it will in time with more and more features/libraries etc. Also, the support team is very reactive with precise answers!

Version 1.0 – September 30th, 2019

  • Initial release files

Version 1.1 – October 3rd, 2019

  • Improved navigation bar icons
  • Removed sticky navbar on all spaces page since it overlayed the sticky sidebar
  • Fix broken path for logo in documentation

Version 1.2 – October 22th, 2019

  • Removed vendor folder and included all third party plugins through npm
  • Improved recent news widget
  • Improved tablet/mobile wrappings for some elements
  • Fix submit space first step progress bar not showing anything
  • Fix a few 404 links
  • Slightly redesign single blog page
  • Fix reply comment collapse “hick-up”

Version 1.2.1 – November 5th, 2019

  • fix missing blog cards documentation page
  • fix missing images from widgets and blog cards in the documentation

Version 2.1 – November 10th, 2019

  • Added My account page
  • Added My listings page
  • Added Edit Listing page
  • Added filters to mobile
  • Created a new blank page
  • Upgraded filters to become collapses
  • Big changes to the folder structure and the way files are server through BrowserSync; We created a .temp folder
  • Integrated gulp-file-include to include footers, navigation bars, head’s into the templates to prevent repeating ourselves
  • Made filter sidebar widgets collapsable to allow more filters
  • Removed pricing call to action from all pages except the homepage
  • Added “load more” functionality to the profile page

Version 3.0 – June 30, 2020

  • Completely redesigned the components and pages for a better and more modern look
  • Added a fully fledged user dashboard for account, items, security, messaging and billing management
  • Added Charts (Chartist JS)
  • Added Mapbox integration and pages with markers for the listing items
  • Improved the Gulp file commands
  • Dependencies from the node_modules folder now automatically get added to a generated vendor folder, thus saving time and storage
  • Many new pages including support, legal, blog and many more
  • New logo
  • Added a preloader with a custom logo animation (our trademark 😊)
  • Massively improved the online documentation
  • Improved the navbar by adding multiple nested dropdown functionality and improving mobile behaviour
  • Optimized files, images and code in general
  • We made sure to keep all of the original pages by improving them alongside the new ones
  • Increased theme price from $59 to $79 (those who purchased Spaces before got the update free of charge)

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4.50/5 (2 reviews)



Released5 years ago
Updated3 years ago
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