Quick – Website UI Kit (Light/Dark)

Quick – Website UI Kit (Light/Dark)


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Released3 months ago
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About Quick

Quick Website UI Kit is a modern and fresh looking theme with a design that brings together all the elements and features your website needs in order to better showcase your products or services. We follow the latest trends in matters of design and code.

With each purchase of Quick, you get modular components, plenty of pre-built pages and build tools that will automate some of the development tasks and processes.

In short, Quick helps you build beautiful websites that stand out and automatically adapt to your brand’s identity.

NEW: Student Discount

Are you a young and talented developer who has some fresh ideas for school projects? If our products can be useful, we want to make sure we support all of you.

Just send us an email to support@webpixels.io and let us know you are a student and we’ll send to you a discount code right away. You will be able to use it for any of our products.


Quick is meant to be a group of UI products (themes, components) that have a set of things in common:

  1. Shared styles: You can purchase multiple themes, use them separately or combine them to switch components from one to another. Modularity at its best 🙂
  2. Single code-base: You will find it super easy to work with any of our themes because they have the same class and component structure.
  3. Scalable: The way we build Bootstrap themes will allow you to remain consistent while developing new features.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode brings a whole new experience to your website. It’s carefully designed to make every element on the screen easier on your eyes and is seamlessly integrated throughout the theme.

Built for Developers

Quick has all the right tools in order to make your website building process a breeze and automatize your time-consuming tasks in your development workflow using Gulp and BrowserSync to live-reload your web pages while making changes. Cool huh? You also get:

  1. Tones of SASS variables ready to be customized
  2.  Skins that will help you to match your brand’s identity easier
  3. Gulp tasks that will help you prepare your website for production

What’s in the Pack?

Quick is a wonderful product built to offer your website a premium touch. Beside the custom-built components, features, and pages, you’ll receive a set of premium and exclusive assets:

  1. Premium SVG illustrations
  2. Premium SVG icons
  3. Premium licensed plugins

Beautiful Page Examples

Explore the live examples of the pre-built page layouts that were made with customization and re-usability in mind. Let us amaze you with a level of quality in design and code never seen before in a Bootstrap theme.

Landing Pages

  1. Agency
  2. Business
  3. Studio
  4. Development
  5. Marketing
  6. Desktop App
  7. SAAS

Secondary Pages

  1. About
  2. Services
  3. Pricing
  4. Careers
  5. Careers Single
  6. Contact
  7. Case Study
  8. Support
  9. Support Topic


  1. Blog
  2. Blog Masonry
  3. Blog Article
  4. Blog Article Modern

Authentication Pages

Each page has a basic, side-cover, overlay variations

  1. Login
  2. Register
  3. Recover

Utility Pages

  1. Coming Soon
  2. Error Side Cover
  3. Error Illustration
  4. FAQ
  5. Terms

Complete Features at Your Hand

Quick is a great premium UI package including all the important and needed features so you can jumpstart the hard work and get right to the website creation fast and easy with more than 100 customized Bootstrap components and 10+ integrated plugins.

Custom Components:

  • Omnisearch
  • Topbar
  • Language selection
  • Custom modals
  • Custom cards
  • Sticky sidebars
  • Timeline
  • Avatars
  • Authentification forms
  • Alternative footer (e.g index.html)
  • In-view animations (e.g typing animation stops when is out of viewport)

Free Plugins

  • Animate
  • Apex Charts
  • Autosize
  • Flatpickr
  • Google Maps
  • Input Masks
  • Notify
  • Select2
  • Sweet Alert
  • Swiper
  • Tags
  • Typed

Premium Plugin

All the included third-party libs are licensed for commercial use which is required for all applications that are sold.

  • Isotope
  • Fancybox

Built by Webpixels

We are a professional digital agency providing Premium Themes, UI/UX Design, and Web Apps that you will simply love. We’ve been creating Bootstrap themes since 2013 and we’ve never stopped learning and improving our skills since then. Our products are built with reuse and modularity at the core which forms the ideal starting point to create website projects of any kind.

Our Mission

Our vision is to build the most efficient and intuitive UI stuff on the web in order to give developers some amazing possibilities to create high-quality digital products with less time and money spent.

Why our themes?

  1. Perfect for modern startups: With an intuitive markup, powerful and lightning-fast build tools, you can turn your ideas into incredible products.
  2. Thoughtfully crafted code: Components and examples, including tons of variables that will help you customize this theme with ease.

Documentation and Shortcodes

Get started fast and easy with any of our themes using the documentation and shortcode examples. No matter you are a developer or new to web design, you will find our theme very easy to customize with an intuitive HTML markup.

Free Updates and Support

We create long-lasting relationships with our customers and we want to offer you the best help in order to get started with any of our products. Need help? Send us an email to our support@webpixels.io.

10k+ happy customers

Over the past 5 years, we’ve sold over 10k themes and learned the best way to build, maintain, and support our themes. Our mission is to make your job as a developer or designer easier. How do we take care of our customers?

Powerful options & tools

  • Responsive frameworks built for developers and designers
  • Regular updates to keep our theme’s current with Bootstrap core
  • Dedicated support staff in direct contact with the Webpixels team to resolve issues
  • Working hard to provide the best online experience possible.
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4.00/5 (1 reviews)



Released3 months ago
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