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Nova is a modern and fully responsive WebApp UI Kit – it is the perfect starting point for any type of Web Applications. Nova can be used for any type of web applications like custom admin panel, CRM, CMS, e-commerce, project management system, admin dashboard etc. The concept behind the Nova is to provide ready to use WebbApp solutions such as Crypto, E-Commerce, CRM, Project Management etc. and currently Nova comes with fully featured Crypto demo – more are coming soon.

Core Features

Easiest and fastest way to build your WebApp with the below highlighted features:

  • 100% Responsive
  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Fully Integrated SASS
  • Unique Design Approach
  • Easy to Use & Customize
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Inhouse Exclusive Scripts
  • Modern Widgets
  • Carefully Customized Libraries
  • Well Documented
  • Beautiful & Variety Design Charts
  • Datatables
  • Integrated Gulp build tool

Core Package

  • Crypto Demo
  • UI Kit Components
  • Documentation
  • More demos are coming soon..


Looking to quickly start with Nova check out the documentation on how to use and add components to your project with copy-to-clipboard snippet, as well as what’s required to include along with their features. Every component and plugin is well documented with live examples.

Workflow (Tools)

Speed up your development process with Nova’s included npm scripts to automate your time-consuming tasks in your development workflow with Gulp toolkit and BrowserSync live browser reload.

40,000+ Happy Customers

In the last 7 years we have sold more than 40k template copies and learned the best way to build, maintain, and support our templates. During this time we have closed over 10k+ support questions. Our mission in both developer and designer ways to make your life easier. Here’s how we do it:

  • Continuous long term updates to keep our template’s current with latest trends and up to date libraries.
  • Top-notch support team in direct contact with users to resolve issues
  • If we cannot resolve your issue, we will refund you and take care of you any possible way we can

Free updates

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that after purchasing a Nova UI Kit copy, you get the right for a lifetime entitlement to download updates for free! Need help? For any questions or concerns, reach us out at support.

Built by Htmlstream

Nova WebAPP UI Kit is built by the team that has customers in the background such us Top 100 Universities and many more Governments, Corporate Agencies. Nova sets the new standard with its approach by providing competitive WebApp design solutions, top-notch support, and incredible featured packed updates that will save your precious time and gives trendy look to all your WebApp projects. On top of that, the creators of Bootstrap have closely monitored the ongoing process of the Nova and helped to achieve an enormous result.

Need Nova UI Kit customization?

We offer affordable, professional and trendy customized design solutions, solely for your own projects! Nova can be easily customized with its cutting-edge components and features. However, if you feel you need any further customization please drop us a message at Hire Us page and our dedicated team will assist you with your inquiries.

Stay Tuned

Enjoy using Nova and stay tuned for the latest updates and news on Facebook and Twitter

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Great theme and support
  • by Daniel
  • 1 year ago
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Love the clean design of this theme. The initial setup easy and documentation is great IMO. They made it easy to customize the colors using SASS variables. I haven't encountered any issues with the sidebar as another review mentioned. The Nova support team is quick to respond and has been really open to feedback and feature suggestions.

  • Theme Creator
  • 1 year ago

Hi Daniel,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback and experience with Nova Template. We are super glad to hear that!

As always, our Customer Support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Kindest Regards,
HS Team

not satisfied with this producs
  • by ARBER
  • 1 year ago
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When I tried to use the template, the sliding menu didn't work, there is very poor documentation, and basically to customize it for the intended use it requires effort same as building yourself with boostrap.

I asked for refund! that is still pending....

  • Theme Creator
  • 1 year ago


Hi Arber,

Thank you for your feedback. First of all, we truly sorry for hearing your bad experience with Nova Dashboard.

We've just released Nova v1.2 where documentation for Sidebar Navigation is improved with details and copy/paste codes.

Please do let us know if you have more feedback.

Kindest Regards,
HS Team

  • by David
  • 2 years ago
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As always, all Htmlstream products are excellent with a very good personalization.
It only needs that the compilation of css and js be done from "node_modules", to easily update the dependencies, and that "webpack" be used.
I will do the configuration with "webpack" and "node_modules", to integrate it with laravel, if you wish, I can send you the configuration file, contact me from my github account: @dacoto.

  • Theme Creator
  • 2 years ago

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback with us. We do much appreciate it!

Our team will reach you regarding your suggestion. As always, our Customer Support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have.

Kindest Regards,
HS Team

Version v1.2.2 – 11 February, 2020

This update is focused on improvements, minor bug fixes and library updates.

  • Fixed: Updated source files for all libraries from the previouse version such as Bootstrap, Selects2, Chartist etc.
  • Fixed: CSS minor issues
  • Enhanced: Chartist Area unnecessary function removed
  • Enhanced: Added path to js for “How to use?” in Range Slider documantation
  • Enhanced: Accessibility styles for fields with validation state and switchers
  • Updated: Selects2 from v4.0.12 to v4.0.13
  • Updated: Tagify from v2.31.6 to v3.3.1
  • Updated: Pdfmake from v0.1.63 to v0.1.64
  • Updated: Popper.js from v1.16.0 to v1.16.1

Version v1.2.1 – 22 January, 2020

This update is focused on improvements, minor bug fixes and library updates.

  • New: Added documentation page for Font Awesome
  • Enhanced: UI Kit Layout pages
  • Enhanced: Charts components
  • Fixed: Hiding sidebar at 992px
  • Fixed: Errors when press keyboard up or down arrows in Firefox browser
  • Fixed: Model related spacing issues
  • Fixed: Fixed points colors in chartist
  • Updated: Bootstrap from v4.3.1 to v4.4.1
  • Updated: Gulp from v3.x to v4.x
  • Updated: package.json file
  • Updated: Selects2 from v4.0.10 to v4.0.12
  • Updated: Tagify from v2.27.0 to v2.31.6
  • Updated: Chartist from v0.11.3 to v0.11.4
  • Flatpickr from v4.6.2 to v4.6.3
  • Ion Rangeslider from v2.3.0 to v2.3.1
  • Pdfmake from v0.1.59 to v0.1.63
  • Popper.js from v1.14.7 to v1.16.0
  • from v1.5.6 to v1.6.1
  • from v1.3.0 to v1.3.1

Version v1.2 – 16 September, 2019

This update is focused on new features and pages, improvements, minor bug fixes and library updates.

Libraries and Components

  • New: Input Masks components view here
  • New: Tagify Input Tags components view here
  • New: Login page view here
  • New: Registration page view here
  • New: Forgot password page view here
  • New: Lock screen page view here
  • New: Google reCAPTCHA components view here
  • New: Date Range Picker components view here
  • New: Added datatables file export option view here
  • New: Added pagination link length view here
  • New: Added libraries for datatables buttons
  • New: Added new examples for Clipboard view here


  • Enhanced: Datatables sorting and made some minor improvements
  • Enhanced: Added active background color for soft buttons
  • Enhanced: Sizing for Select2 Tags
  • Enhanced: Sidebar Mini option
  • Enhanced: Documentation for Sidebar Navigations with more examples and details view here
  • Enhanced: Documentation for Navbar with more examples and details view here
  • Enhanced: Added documentation example pages for Popovers and Tooltips
  • Enhanced: Added new top and bottom arrow styles and made others minor improvements to Datepicker library
  • Enhanced: Light Alert text color
  • Updated: Selects2 from v4.0.8 to v4.0.10
  • Updated: Chartist from v0.11.0 to v0.11.3
  • Updated: Animate.css from v3.7.0 to v3.7.2
  • Updated: jQuery Validation from v1.19.0 to v1.19.1
  • Fixed: Editable rows on pressing ESC keyboard
  • Fixed: Clipboard in modal
  • Dropped: Old Input Masks and Input Tags library in a favor of new extended and up-to-date library

Version v1.1 – 09 August, 2019

This update is focused on New Components, and improvements In addition, please note this version includes very minor Breaking Changes, hence, the documentation changelog inlcudes the list of changes.

Libraries and Components

  • New: Form Layouts options view here
  • New: Basic Inputs components view here
  • New: Input Groups components view here
  • New: Checkboxes & Switches components view here
  • New: Slects2 page with extended options view here
  • New: Datepicker page with extended options view here
  • New: Clipboard page with extended options view here
  • New: Summernote super simple WYSIWYG editor view here
  • New: DropzoneJS library that provides drag’n’drop file uploads with image previews view here
  • New: Ion.RangeSlider easy to use, flexible and responsive range slider view here
  • New: Validation page with exnteded options view here


  • Enhanced: Documentation pages for forms and added new library pages
  • Enhanced: Added .input-group-merge class for input groups
  • Enhanced: Added data-width attribute .custom-select-without-bordered class for select2
  • Enhanced: Extends .form-control-[prepend, append]-img and .form-control-[prepend, append]-icon classes
  • Enhanced: Replaced class .select2-selection–single with .custom-select in selects2
  • Updated: jQuery from v3.3.1 to v3.4.1
  • Updated: Selects2 from v4.0.4 to v4.0.8
  • Flatpickr from v4.1.2 to v4.6.2

Version v1.0 – 07 April, 2019

  • Initial release

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3.67/5 (3 reviews)



Released2 years ago
Updated12 months ago
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