Leap – Multipurpose Template + UI Kit

Leap – Multipurpose Template + UI Kit


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Released8 months ago
Updated2 months ago

Launch on time, look on trend.

Save countless hours of design and development and ship performant sites with killer looks.

Leap’s component-based code is designed to tackle anything you can dream up, from landing pages to blogs and portfolios.

Get started with a production-ready landing page or build your own.

Leap is a versatile design toolkit that allows you to build sites of any kind with ease. To demonstrate this versatility, and to help you launch your site faster, we have prepared a set of unique landing page presentations:

  • Coworking Space – Invite creatives to gather and share ideas.
  • Mobile Application – Make an impression and showcase the features of your mobile app.
  • Online Course – An engaging layout to promote e-learning and paid course material.
  • SaaS Application – Educate potential customers and grow your user base.
  • Saas Application (Trend) – An alternative layout with trend inspired sketch graphics
  • Event & Meetup – Conference and event layout with even-specific functionality.
  • Cryptocurrency – A home for your ICO or other emerging blockchain enterprises.
  • Desktop Application – Attract and immerse users in your stand-alone desktop or web application.
  • Software Library – Get traction on your project with a dedicated landing page.
  • Portfolio – Sell yourself with this bold layout for digital creatives.


Leap’s original and complete design file for Figma is available upon request.

More than a landing page

Leap is a complete site template, including a full suite of detailed inner pages to establish a complete online presence.

  • Showcase customer success stories with dedicated case study layouts
  • Engage customers with attractive blog pages
  • Attract new talent with career listing and job pages
  • Support customers with knowledgebase and help articles
  • Extend the functionality of your site with login and signup pages

General Highlights:

  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Fully working contact and subscribe forms with validation
  • Use Bootstrap markup in your mega menu
  • Live development environment powered by Browsersync
  • Detailed documentation with code examples
  • Prompt and friendly after-sales support

Design & CSS Highlights:

  • Fully responsive
  • Fully dynamic colour schemes with SASS
  • Premium SVG icon pack
  • SVG decoration elements
  • SVG divider elements
  • Unique pricing options
  • Unique reading position progress indicator

Javascript Highlights:

  • Flickity – Responsive content slider
  • Fancybox – Responsive fullscreen galleries
  • Advanced dropdowns – Mega-menu functionality, multi-level dropdowns
  • Isotope – Filterable and sortable masonry layouts
  • Jarallax – High-performance parallax and video background parallax
  • Animate On Scroll – Dynamic, page-scrolling animations
  • Video Backgrounds – Embed from Youtube, Vimeo or local
  • Typed Text – Simulated typing effect
  • Countdown – Count down to a specified date
  • Twitter Fetcher – Add dynamic news feeds to your site
  • Google Maps API integration
  • Google reCaptcha v2 integration
  • MailChimp integration for subscribe forms
  • ion Rangeslider – Advanced and customisable range slider plugin
  • SVGInjector – Makes working with SVGs easy by injecting SVG code into the page.

Buy With Confidence

We work closely with customers to provide a high-standard of support, prompt bug fixes and general troubleshooting.

Over 5 years we have helped more than 42,000 happy customers bring their website ideas to reality, while building a reputation for reliability and dedication to customer satisfaction.

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Good template
  • by Artem
  • 1 month ago
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Very clean code

No support, not optimize
  • by Pierre
  • 1 month ago
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I've asked a really small bug fix and still no answer 2 weeks after. Code is not optimize : you have to load too many js files even if you use only one file. In result, google lighthouse gives a bad grade on mobile because it's slow (too much js to load).

Medium Rare
  • Theme Creator
  • 1 month ago

Hi Pierre,

Apologies for the confusion. The bug you raised regarding the header has been rectified in the latest version. Please email if you are still experiencing issues.

JS optimisation is unique to each buyer, so we don't provide minification in the build tools. You can make your theme.js file smaller by commenting out the imports which you don't need from js/mrare/index.js. Then remove plugin references from HTML. Feel free to contact us for support.

Kind regards,
Medium Rare

The Best as always
  • by isaac
  • 7 months ago
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High quality design and code and really customizable theme. With medium rare you have great design, great code, well organized and it's easier than other template-makers to moderate the final assets weight for better WPO. I'm always waiting for the next template release. Great work keep it up!

A really high-quality template
  • by Sue
  • 8 months ago
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I have used multiple templates by Medium Rare and they are always a joy to work with. The design of Leap is beautiful and perfect for a project we have coming up.
Files and code are very well organized as usual! Well done team!

Medium Rare
  • Theme Creator
  • 8 months ago

Thanks for purchasing Sue! Thrilled to hear your feedback. We'd love to see what you build with Leap, and feel free to reach out if you need support :)

Medium Rare

2.0.0 – 3 September 2019

  • Breaking Change – Changed how navs toggle on and off
    • Added js/mrare/navigation.js
    • Updated js/mrare/overlay-nav.js
    • Updated js/mrare/index.js
  • Design changes to dropdown navs
  • Design improvements to typography
  • Fixed Navigation display issues
    • Updated dropdowns.scss
  • Updated plugins
  • Addressed SVG display issues in IE

1.3.0 – 25 June 2019

  • Fixed bug with background color transition on Safari
    • Updated scss/custom/components/required/navbar.scss
  • Fixed error on counters demo and docs with data-decimal-places
    • Updated elements-counters.html
    • Updated documentation/js-countup.js
  • Added SVGInjector package.
    • SVGs converted to img tags for injection on page load
    • See SVG docs and SVGInjector docs
    • CSS docs updated with new examples of SVG injection

1.2.0 – 17 May 2019

  • Added Flatpickr plugin for date and time picking
    • Added elements-date-picker.html to demonstrate
    • New docs page with code examples for Flatpickr
    • Added flatpickr.scss
    • Added flatpickr to js/mrare/index.js
    • Added js/mrare/flatpickr.js initialization script
  • Added new Coworking layout
  • Added new Event Card
    • Update elements-cards.html
  • Improved navigation menu display on mobile devices
    • Update navbar.scss
  • Removed redundant .dropdown-content element
    • Update dropdowns.scss
  • Fixed typo and compiler error in utilities.scss
    • Update utilities.scss
  • Updated dependencies

1.1.0 – 11 April 2019

1.0.1 – 27 March 2019

  • Fixed icon button alignment
    • Update home-mobile-app.html
    • Update home-cryptocurrency.html
  • Fixed reload function name bug in gulpfile.js (fixes rangeError on reload)
  • Fixed Popover moving over top of fixed navigation bar
    • Update navbar.scss
  • Fixed mobile bug on Home Desktop App with background image
    • Update home-desktop-app.html
  • Fixed handle on slider for newer version of ion rangeSlider
    • Update scss/custom/components/options/ion-rangeslider.scss
  • Added color scheme variables to user-variables.scss
  • Added “How to Edit Color Scheme” article in documentation
  • Added link to instructions to install node via nvm to avoid errors during installation
    • Update documentation/index.html
  • Added elements-toasts.html
  • Added toasts initializer to js/mrare/util.js
  • Moved .eslintrc.json config to package.json to remove doubt during installation
  • Moved .babelrc.js config to gulpfile.js to remove doubt during installation
  • Updated dependencies

1.0.0 – initial release 

Nothing to see here!


Live preview

4.25/5 (4 reviews)



Released8 months ago
Updated2 months ago