Keen – The Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme

Keen – The Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Theme


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Released2 months ago
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Keen is a multi-demo Bootstrap 4 Admin and Dashboard that that comes packed with endless number of UI component and plugin options. It’s perfectly crafted and optimized with exceptional design and advanced layout features best suited for any modern web application project worldwide. 

5 In 1 Theme(counting…)

By purchasing a single license of Keen, you are entitled to receive and use all the different demo types that comes packed within Keen itself.

Each Demo within Keen is uniquely designed for specific types of solutions or project requirement. For example, when you purchase Keen, you’ll be able to utilize Keen’s Default demo, a CRM Application demo, an Intranet System demo, an eCommerce Backend demo, a SAAS Service demo and so much more.Each Demo is organized within its own folder, which is also neatly packed with its own SCSS and JS files or any other files that are specifically required for that demo.

Enormous Amount Of Features

Keen is the most complete bootstrap admin and dashboard template that provides with a huge collection of components, plugins and layouts for projects of any size. Keen’s solid arcitect and structure allows it to grow without limits whilst you can customize your build by picking only the required features for your project.

By Keenthemes

Within our past 6 years, we have sold over 66,000 admin themes that have been successfully deployed by small businesses to global enterprises. Our goal is to provide a complete and robust theme solution to boost all of our customer’s project deployments, by allowing them to launch their projects in the shortest amount of development time at a ridiculously low cost. 

Key Features

  • Built with the latest Bootstrap 4.1.3
  • Compatible with the latest jQuery 3.3.1
  • Ultra responsive and adaptive layout and components
  • Multi-demo concept(reuse your work for other projects with a different look and feel)
  • Full RTL support
  • Integrated build tools: Gulp, NPM, Yarn, SASS
  • Included Classic(without build tool) version
  • Included enterprise ready core framework
  • Super clean and commented code
  • Re-usable component system
  • Full SASS support
  • Nested multi-level SASS config system 
  • Powerful SASS framework with helper functions and mixins
  • State color system(globally applicable to any component)
  • Fully customized Bootstrap components
  • Over 200 custom made UI components
  • Custom skin integration for the popular plugin 

Exclusive Plugins For Keen

  • Custom made Keen Menu javascript plugin
  • Custom made Keen Toggle javascript plugin
  • Custom made Keen Portlet javascript plugin
  • Custom made Keen Wizard javascript plugin
  • Custom made Keen Datatable javascript plugin
  • Custom made Keen Header javascript plugin
  • Custom made Keen Scrolltop javascript plugin
  • Custom made CSS Grid system for layouts

Layout Features

  • Multi-Demo support
  • Multi-Skin support
  • Layout Features
  • Header
  • Header multi-level mega-menu
  • Aside
  • Aside multi-level menu
  • Aside secondary
  • Aside secondary tabs
  • Quick sidebar
  • Quick sidebar tabs
  • Scrolltop
  • Footer 

For Developers Of Any Level

You can boost your development with our unique build scripts based on Gulp, Yarn, NPM and SASS. If you are not used to the above build tools then you can still use the classic version as well.  

Browser Compatibility

  • Chrome(Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Firefox(Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Safari(Mac)
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Internet Explorer 10(partially)
  • And other webkit browsers 

Free Updates

Our prime strategy is to provide continuous updates of new features and improvements to our customers. By purchasing Keen, you will be entitled to receive lifetime free updates. 

To-do List 

  • New Unique Demos
  • New Layout Skins
  • Angular 7 Version
  • React Version
  • VueJS Version
  • Applications
  • CRUD Solutions
  • New Custom Pages
  • New Dashboard Widgets
  • And many more…

Customer Support

The best possible 24/7 support experience is guaranteed via Also our exceptionally detailed online documentation is available.  

Feature Request  

If you have any feature that you wish like to get in the upcoming updates please feel free to contact us at 

Stay In Touch

If you liked our works please follow un on Twitter and Dribbble so that you don’t miss any news or updates from us!

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Excellent Theme
  • by Masino
  • 4 weeks ago
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Love your theme, not only because it's beautiful, but also because there are some unique designs you provide. Can't wait to see the upcoming another styles, as well as the Bootstrap 4 enhancement itself in future. Keep up the good work.

  • Theme Creator
  • 1 week ago

Hi :),

Many thanks for your review. Noted, we will continue improving Keen with awesome features.
We're still far from the end of our journey with Keen, expect more amazing updates to keep coming.


  • by 瑞卿
  • 1 month ago
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KMenu支持注册自定义事件, 但是外部无法触发自定义事件, 希望尽快修正.

  • Theme Creator
  • 1 month ago

Hi :),

Thanks a lot for your review and appreciation our work.

Noted. We will enhance our KMenu custom plugin further and enable the event triggering API methods. This will be very useful enhancement for other users as well.

If you have any other suggestions or feature requests you can always contact us at We are keen working closely with our users to make Keen truly awesome and useful tool for everyone.


Version 1.3.1 –  12 November, 2018

Updates & Improvements:

  • Improved Dashbord Charts height for responsive modes.
  • Improved Portlet Header height fo responsive modes.


  • Fixed Sales Stats widget’s style issue in the Demo 5 user profile offcanvas panel.
  • Fixed KDatatable reloading issue when scrolling in mobile device.
  • Fixed KDatatable sorting icon on checkbox issue.

Version 1.3 –  10 November, 2018


  • Added new Demo 5 – A completely unique multi-purpose demo. Live preview
  • Added new examples for KDatatable displaying in modal. Live preview
  • Added 3 new Blog pages for blog listing with classic and grid layouts. Live preview
  • Added new Blog page for blog post with commenting form. Live preview
  • Added Portlet Tools feature using KPortlet custom plugin. Live preview
  • Added Sticky Panel feature using sticky-js plugin. Live preview
  • Added new Search component for quick search and result displaying. Live preview
  • Added new Navigation component for quick access to modules via large shortcut icons. Live preview
  • Added new Notification component to display notification list with solid and bold icons and text explanations. Live preview
  • Added new User Offcanvas Panel to display user profile with user related charts and content. Live preview
  • Added new Sales Statistics chart widget component. Live preview
  • Added new Revenue Growth chart widget component. Live preview

Updates & Improvements:

  • Overal Default demo design and text readability improvements for better user experience.
  • Overal dashboard widgets design and text readability improvements for better user experience.
  • Overal theme color scheme and font size improvements for better user experience.
  • KDatatable design improvents to make it look more design matching and integrated to the current demo and it’s color scheme.
  • Added new KDatatable option to force show or hide in responsive mode table.
  • Improved KDatatable responsive with toggle to show hidden columns.
  • Layout skins css file separation from the main bundle css file.
  • Now all custom skins can be included separately on demand only.
  • Custom pages css file separation from the main bundle css file. Now all custom pages(blog, login, user profile) can be included separately on demand only.
  • Overall layout and page content responsiveness improvements.
  • Custom xxl breakpoint for the bootstrap grid is removed.
  • Overall sass code and config variable structure improvements.


  • KDatatable extra tag from Column Search demo page.
  • KDatatable dropdown menu overflow and cut off issue.
  • Typeahead javascript error.
  • Sticky Portlet left & right position issues.


Version 1.2.5 –  17 October, 2018

  • New: Demo 3 – Creative Dashboard. View 
  • New: Demo 4 – CRM & Intranet Application. View
  • New: Author Sales widget.
  • New: Total Orders widget.
  • New: Technologies widget.
  • New: Latest Events widget.
  • New: New Products widget.
  • New: Latest Orders widget.
  • New: Order Statistics widget.
  • New: Top Categories widget.
  • New: New Button Elevate Shadow styles.
  • Update: Improved Responsive Header for all demos.
  • Update: Improved Responsive Page Title & Breadcrumbs for all demos.
  • Update: Improved Fixed Aside Menu scrollbar height handling for all demos.
  • Update: Improved Fixed Header bar for all demos.
  • Fixed: KDatatable misaligned scrollbar after resize.
  • Fixed: KDatatable jumping row on the last cell dropdown popup.
  • Fixed: KDatatable vertical scrollbar moving with content when scrolling horizontal scrollbar.
  • Fixed: Sweetalert2 body padding override issue for Demo2.


Version 1.2 – 4 October, 2018

  • New: Demo2 for Creative Light Dashboard. View 
  • New: Light Aside skin for Demo2. View
  • New: Dark Aside skin for Demo2. View
  • New: Green Aside skin for Demo2. View
  • New: Green Aside skin for Default Demo. View
  • New: Custom Keen Wizard Plugin for stepped form flows. 
  • New: Custom Keen Portlet Plugin for handling portlet components. 
  • New: Form Wizard Version 1 based on Keen Wizard Plugin. View
  • New: Form Wizard Version 2 based on Keen Wizard Plugin. View
  • New: Form Wizard Version 3 based on Keen Wizard Plugin. View
  • New: Form Wizard Version 4 based on Keen Wizard Plugin. View
  • New: Sticky(fixed) actions bar solution for long forms based on Keen Portlet Plugin. 
  • New: Sticky(fixed) portlet head solution for portlets with long content based on Keen Portlet Plugin. View
  • New: Custom Keen Avatar Plugin to preview attached images for file inputs. View
  • New: User profile Avatar File control.
  • New: New Agenda Week view for Fullcalendar.
  • Updated: Latest Fontawesome v5.3.1.
  • Updated: Fullcalendar design imporvements.
  • Fix: KDatatable sanitize custom string from template option.


Version 1.1 – 17 September, 2018

  • New: Dark Aside dashboard page. View
  • New: Brand Aside dashboard page.  View
  • New: Light Header dashboard page. View
  • New: Brand Header dashboard page. View
  • New: 3 Dashboard Widget components.
  • New: jQuery Repeater plugin integration. 
  • New: Extended User Profile page.
  • New: User Profile Edit form. 
  • New: User Account Edit form. 
  • New: User Change Password form.
  • New: User Email Settings form. 
  • New: New Vertical Navigation Menu for to use as inline or Newmenu. 
  • Added: New LightDark and Brand skins for Default demo’s Header, Logo Bar and Aside. 
  • Fixed: Calendar navigation arrow icon’s vertical alignment issue for Bootstrap Datepicker plugin.
  • Fixed: “use strict” compatibility issue in…) event method defined in srcthemeframeworkcomponentsbaseutilutil.js.


Version 1.0 – 12 September, 2018

  • Initial release.


Live preview

5.00/5 (2 reviews)



Released2 months ago
Updated1 week ago
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