Good – React Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template

Good – React Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard Template


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Released2 years ago
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Good React – this Admin Template was designed by the best minds in the dashboard world to help others organize and fine-tune information panels, layouts, and UI elements. GOOD template has a warm feel to it. Application of it makes the reskin of a current dashboard or build of a new one homelike.


  • Core: React v17 & Bootstrap 5
  • Dashboards: Multipurpose, Marketing, Social, eCommerce
  • Pages: 20+ crafted pages
  • Pre-build Apps: 2 full functional applications
  • Advanced Modals: 5 business ready modals
  • Plugins: 30+ 3rd party customized plugins
  • Build Tools: NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Webpack, SASS
  • Layout Builder: Configure, real-time preview, and export
  • Visuals: 100+ Exclusive Vector Characters by KeenThemes
  • Icons: 400+ Exclusive duotone icons by KeenThemes
  • Docs: Quick guides with preview and code examples
  • Support: Get dedicated support from our core team at Devs Forum

HTML Version

HTML version of Good is available here

20+ Crafted Pages & Apps

  • Dashboard – Multipurpose: With a unique warm color palette approach. View
  • Dashboard – eCommerce: Full Order Report, Stock Report, Delivery Report, Shop Marketing Data. View
  • Dashboard – Marketing: Actionable Marketing Reporting & Campaigns Tool. View
  • Dashboard – Social: Tool for your Social traffic & conversions. View
  • Profile(5 pages): Overview, Projects, Campaigns, Documents, Followers, Activity. View
  • Account(2 pages): Settings with 6 sections & Billing. View
  • Authentication(3 pages): Sign In & Sing Out & Forgot Password.
  • App – Chat: Private, Group & Offcanvas chat options. View
  • User Management: Users management CRUD module. View

Everything You Need to Start

  • Node.js – is a platform built for easily building fast and scalable network applications.
  • React Bootstrap – well-tested UI components library.
  • Redux – popular State manager.
  • TypeScript – an open-source language that builds on JavaScript, one of the world’s most used tools, by adding static type definitions.
  • Npm – is a package manager for the Web.
  • Yarn – is a package manager that doubles down as a project manager.
  • Formik – declarative, intuitive, and adaptable React library for Forms
  • Apexcharts – Modern & Interactive Open-source ChartsAutosize – A small, stand-alone script to automatically adjust textarea height.
  • Font Awesome – popular icon set and toolkit with vector icons and social logos.
  • Bootstrap icons – Free, high-quality, open-source icon library with nearly 1,200 icons.


Join developers community and get assistance by KeenThemes core team at Our Support Forum

Free Updates

KeenThemes truly understand customers’ needs and therefore, our prime strategy is to provide continuous updates of new features and improvements, free-of-charge to our customers. By purchasing Good Admin Template, you will be entitled to receive free lifetime updates

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  • by Steve
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Spent hours debugging and updating package versions and ended up giving up after I finally got it to build, but kept crashing in the browser.

Version 1.0.0 –  30 March 2022

  • Initial release.

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Live preview
Released2 years ago
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