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🎊 Bootstrap 5 Template 🎊

Geeks is a fully-featured bootstrap 5 template with an admin dashboard. It comes with Beautiful UI components & professionally designed, fully responsive pages for course design, landing page, and admin dashboard. You can preview Geeks Bootstrap 5 & Geeks Bootstrap RTL. 

Geeks is a fully responsive and yet modern premium bootstrap template. Geeks design is suited for the academy and online courses marketplace with the admin dashboard. Geeks provide clean and consistent page designs to help you to create beautiful-looking content. Geek is feature-rich components and beautifully designed pages that help you create the best possible website and web application projects.

Marketing Landings

Landing page hero, featured section, call-to-action, newsletter sign up for — everything you need to build beautiful marketing websites.

  • Course: Landing for digital courses.
  • Lead: Lead generation landing page.
  • Request Access: Simple app landing for showcasing the features of your app.
  • SaaS: Improve your conversion rates with a powerful first impression with these modern and clean landing pages for your saas product.
  • (New) Job Listing: Modern & remarkable job listing landing page template for your upcoming online project where you will connect employees and employers.

Features Highlights:

Courses: Build a beautiful online course website or application with these course pages.

  • Courses Category
  • Courses Filter (List/Grid)
  • Courses Single
  • Courses Single V2
  • Courses Checkout
  • Add New Courses
  • Course Resume
  • Courses path
  • Courses path single

Supporting pages: Your ready-to-use page solutions for all kinds of content layouts.

  • About us
  • Pricing plan
  • Pricing plan (Compare Table)
  • Career Pages
    • Career Overview
    • Job Listing
    • Job Apply
  • Utility pages
    • Coming Soon
    • 404 Error page
    • Maintenance mode
    • Terms and Condition
  • Authentication pages
    • Sign In
    • Sign Up
    • Forgot Password
  • Account Pages
    • Edit Profile
    • Notification
    • Security
    • Social profile
    • Privacy settings
    • Linked Accounts
    • Delete profile

Student: The student profile dashboard will help to create pages like Bookmarked Courses, Currently learning and student path, Subscription, Billing Info, Invoice, account settings, etc…

Instructor: The instructor or teacher profile dashboard will help you to design pages like earning reports, instructor courses, course reviews, manage student enrolments, payout settings, and more…

Admin Dashboard:

An engaging and effective web app dashboard design will help you to manage overview reports of the site, analytics, instructor, and students, and the site setting feature will help you to manage your site. Site setting pages like logo, title, site description, social media icon, social login, payment, SMTP setting.

Project Management Pages (New HTML)

  • Project
  • Grid
  • List
  • Create Project
  • Single
    • Overview
    • Task
    • Budget
    • Files
    • Team
    • Summary

Chat App: Simple Chat App design components will help you to create messaging app for web app projects.

Account Settings: Manage your settings pages like Profile edit, Security, Social profiles, Notification, Profile Privacy, Delete Profile, Billing, Orders.

CMS Dashboard (Static): In the admin dashboard, you will get to create a post form, post-management, and post category and create a category from the modal panels. A complete content management system.

Workflow: Automate your time-consuming tasks such as compiling with GulpJs, SASS, minify CSS, JavaScript files, and more.

Documentation: Documentation on extended and new components Find out detailed guidelines for everything you see in Geeks Design.

Free Updates: We have also planned to add tons of updates and improvements which you will receive free of cost.

Help Center Page Design

Geeks UI comes with a beautiful help center page design. It has pages like the Helpcenter homepage, FAQ page, Guides, and support form page. 

Right-to-left (RTL) Bootstrap Theme.

The Geeks is also a full-featured Bootstrap Right-to-left (RTL) theme. All the HTML pages and components are available in Bootstrap’s RTL version.

Bootstrap 5 UI Kit.

Bootstrap Snippets: 

A design element collection for web designers and web developers. Demo – Bootstrap Snippets.

React Version

Geeks React version is also available.

Developer First

The theme is so flexible that extending the base components of Bootstrap has never been easier.

  • Built with the latest Bootstrap 5.1.0
  • Component-based UI library.
  • Support Bootstrap 5 RTL also. 
  • Thoroughly customized SASS
  • Gulp automation tool to boost your production
  • Developer friendly and well-commented code structure
  • In-depth detailed Documentation with copy-paste snippets

Customer support: We are committed to our customers and support is at most priority. Top-notch support from the core team in direct contact with you to resolve issues. If you have any questions, issues with hyper, please feel free to contact us anytime by filling the support form on our website.  

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A very good buy
  • by Dare
  • 5 months ago
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Everything about it is beautiful and just what I was looking for.

Amazing template and incredible fast support!!!
  • by Octavio
  • 9 months ago
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This template has been a great inclusion in a personal project I'm right now, the quality of the template is great and the constant support by Codescandy team is amazing. The template has been receiving regularly updates and recently I was needing a little help, and their response was very fast, Thanks guys!!!

Excellent work quality and support
  • by Amir Javad
  • 12 months ago
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I am very satisfied with my purchase. Your team helped me a lot with the new release for RLT version.
I hope you are always successful.
Thank you for your services and support.

  • Theme Creator
  • 12 months ago

Thank you for appreciating our work.

Great flexibility and perfect support
  • by Bernhard
  • 1 year ago
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This item has everything you need for creating a modern learning-platform. Really delighted by many details and the overall architecture. Support was superfast and helpful as well.

  • Theme Creator
  • 1 year ago

Thank you for your review.

Good theme
  • by Nam
  • 1 year ago
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This theme is well designed and good quality. Recommended for anyone who need to build a quick LMS

  • Theme Creator
  • 1 year ago

Thanks a lot.

v2.4.0 – Job Landing page with listing and portfolio page.

Job Listing Pages

  • Job Landing page
  • Job-list
  • Job-grid
  • Job-single
  • Post a job
  • Upload resume
  • Company list
  • Company single
    • about
    • reviews
    • jobs
    • benefits
    • photos

Portfolio Page

  • Portfolio List
  • Portfolio Single

New Partials Files for Navbar

  • navbar-job.html

Updated JS Files:

  • replace slim scroll to simple scrollbar
  • added Slider Ranger (new)added Glightbox for gallery (new) 

New SCSS Files:

  • simplebar.scss
  • glightbox.scss
  • nouislider.scss
  • updated border.scss with process-line, step-line, small-divider class
  • updated button.scss with btn-ghost, btn-dashed
    • Utilities.scss
    • added rounded
    • added negative z-index
    • Variables
    • dropdown-border-color

New Images :

  •  Added job image in the job folder
  •  Added portfolio image in a portfolio folder


v2.3.0 – 1 Feb 2022 – Dashboard Layout Variant & App updates

Dashboard Layout

  • Horizontal
  • Compact
  • Default


  • Mail Single
  • Mail Inbox
  • Mail Draft
  • Mail Compose (Modal Components)
  • Calendar

New Partials Files for Dashboard Navbar

  • navbar-horizontal.html
  • navbar-vertical-compact.html

Updated JS Files:

  • added theme colors variables in chart.js

New SCSS Files:

  • added navbar-vertical-compact scss in admin-sidenav.scss
  • added mail.scss
  • added calender scss in vendor
  • added variables in quill-snow.scss
  • added variables in social-button.scss
  • Utilities
    • Updated borders
  • Variables social button color variables
  • added btn-close-focus-shadow


v2.2.3 – 18 Nov 2021

New HTML Help center Pages:

  • help center
  • help center faq
  • help center guide
  • help center guide single
  • help center support form

Improved Docs Page

  • Getting Started
    • Intro
    • Environment setup
    • Working with gulp
    • Compile Files
    • File Structure
    • Resources & assets
    • Changelog
  • Foundation
    • Typo
    • Colors
    • Shadows
    • Icons
  • Utilities
    • Background
    • Borders
    • Colored links
    • Opacity
    • Ratio
    • Stacks
    • Colors
    • Text
    • Text Truncation
    • Vertical rule
    • Text color
  • Components
    • Added: Dropdown with search 
  • New SCSS Files: 
    • Updated borders
    • Updated background.scss
    • Added gradient background colors
    • Updated text.scss
    • Added body hover color scss
    • added nav tabs Variables
    • added popover Variables
    • blockquote

Images Files:

  • Removed: carousel images from folder
  • Added: help-center-img.jpg
  • Added: 3d-girl-seeting.svg

New Partials Files

  • doc-sidenav.html updated with pages
  • navbar-help-center.html


Project Management Pages (New HTML):

  • Project 
  • Grid
  • List
  • Create Project
  • Single
    • Overview
    • Task
    • Budget
    • Files
    • Team
    • Summary

Geeks Update

  • Updated Bootstrap 5.1.1
  • Updated All plugins to the latest.
  • Other small Fixed & Improved.

New SCSS Files:

  • Enhanced utilities and variables
  • Added progress.scss
  • Updated card.scss
  • Updated button.scss

v1.0.4 & v2.2.1 – 26 Aug, 2021

  • Added Bootstrap Placeholder Components in docs. – Placeholder
  • Updated New Bootstrap Component
    • Live Alert
    • Horizontal Collapse
    • Positioned Badge
    • Opacity Text color
    • Toggle between modals
    • Numbered List
    • Offcanvas Navbar – Navbar
    • Toast: Custom content & Color schemes 
  • Updated All plugins to the latest.
  • Updated gulp-sass
  • Updated gulpfile.js
  • Other small Fixed & Improved.

v1.0.4 & v2.2.0 – 10 Aug, 2021

v1.0.3 & v2.1.0 – 21 June 2021

  • Added – Landing Page (demo)
  • Added – Task Page Design ( Kanban Board View – Demo)
  • Added – DataTables (Bootstrap DataTables)
  • Added – Table Component Page
  • Improved – Table structure.
  • Added New Snippets. (Hero, features, and testimonial)
  • Smooth shadow added in Docs.
  • Updated Dependencies.
  • Updated Bootstrap 5.0.1
  • All features are updated in RTL too.
  • New Components – Simple Header & Footer

V – 2.0.1 – 28 May, 2021

  • Geeks Bootstrap RTL (Geeks RTL)
  • Add owl carousel RTL to replace tiny slider.
  • Other packages and dependencies updates.

V – 2.0.0 – 18 May, 2021

  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.0.0
  • Updated dependencies.
  • Improved Folder Structure.
  • Other small bug fixes.

V – 1.0.2 – 12 April, 2021

  • Added Analytics Dashboard (demo)
  • Added Chat Application (demo)
  • Added Maintenance page design (demo)
  • Added Coming soon page design (demo)
  • Added Terms& Condition page
  • Added Linked Accounts (In user profile demo)
  • Updated 404-error.html
  • Replaced Gulp Uglify with Gulp Terser (plugin for compressed es6+ code.)
  • Notification dropdown UI Space Improved.


V – 1.0.1

  • Added Landing page course (Demo)
  • Added course Lead page (Demo)
  • Added about us page design 
  • Added blog sidebar design 
  • Updated to Bootstrap v4.6.0.
  • Updated other dependencies.
  • Improved Folder Structure.
  • Other small fixed

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5.00/5 (5 reviews)



Released1 year ago
Updated2 months ago
Category Application
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