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Craft – is an experience that KeenThemes team wants you to enjoy. We applied our market knowledge to gradually create the most detailed and at the same time simple Admin Dashboard Template. Craft leaves all the scribblings behind and lets you focus on the bigger, long-term picture.


Join our developers community and get assistance from KeenThemes core team on Support Forum


  • Modes: Light & Dark
  • Core: Javascript with no jQuery dependency
  • Pages: 100+ crafted pages
  • Pre-build Apps: 5 full functional applications
  • Advanced Modals: 12 business ready modals
  • Plugins: 30+ 3rd party customized plugins
  • Build Tools: NPM, Yarn, Gulp, Webpack, SASS
  • Layout Builder: Configure, real-time preview and export
  • Visuals: 100+ Exclusive Vector Characters
  • Icons: 400+ Exclusive duotone icons
  • Docs: Quick guides with preview and code examples

100+ Crafted Pages

  • 3 Dashboards: Default, Extended & Tabbed content. View
  • Profile(7 pages): Overview, Projects, Campaigns, Documents, Followers, Activity, Dashboard. View
  • Account(12 pages): Settings with 6 sections, Billing, 6 pages of Orders, Security, Referrals, API Keys, Statements. View
  • Authentication(17 pages): Sign In & Basic, Multi-step, Free Trial Sign Ups. Auth system pages like welcome, verify email & so much more. Example 
  • Projects(8 pages): Dashboard, Project, Targets, Budget, Users, Files, Activity, Settings. View
  • Modals(16 pre-built options): Invite Friends, New Card, Create API Key, Create project wizard and so much more. View
  • Wizards(7 options): Extended wizards with business-ready options. View
  • Search(5 options): For various use-cases with advanced search options. View
  • Customers App: CRM ready solution with getting started modal, manageable customer listings, customer details. View
  • User Management App: User List, View User, Roles List, View Roles & Permissions pages. View
  • File Manager App: Storage overview, folder manager, file manager, create folder, upload files & so much more. View
  • Calendar App: Complete event management with View Event, Add Event & Edit Event modals based on customized version of Fullcalendar plugin. View
  • Chat App: Private, Group & Offcanvas chat options. View


  • Gulp & Webpack: The unique case when template supports both leading build engines
  • 1200+ UI Elements: 40+ exclusive components, 30+ 3rd party plugins, customized bootstrap 5 components & 900+ code snippets
  • Tailored Bootstrap 5: Bootstrap 5 core adaptation with our unique design system
  • Code & UI Visualization: Functional examples and reusable code to copy & paste. No design skills are required
  • Server-side integration: Blazor & Laravel Integration guides
  • Tips and Tricks: Perks of our documentation, our accumulated experience, and knowledge


  • Zero JS Layout: Initialize layout through HTML data attributes with no JS 
  • Layout Builder: Highly flexible layout options for page, header, aside, footer settings and visuals
  • Responsive & Adaptive: 100% adaptive & responsive across all device types, from mobile to desktop & tablets
  • Sticky Header: UX-friendly sticky header with toolbar and notification dropdown menus
  • Aside Navigation: Collapsable aside with the most advanced multi-level navigation menu

50+ Customized & Exclusive Libraries

In-house made unique Plugins

  • KT-Menu: Multi-level responsive menu with inline accordion, dropdown, and mega menu support. View
  • KT-Drawer: Collapsible offcanvas side content for desktop and mobile views. View
  • KT-Scroll: Custom scrollable panel with height auto calculation algorithm. View
  • KT-Sticky: Set and control configurable sticky elements during window scroll. View
  • KT-Stepper: Multi-step content navigation with built-in hooks form validation and custom flows. View
  • KT-Block-UI:  Block UI elements from user interaction with animated spinner and custom message. View
  • KT-Dialer: Advanced dialer input control for number input with custom formatting
  • KT-Event-Handler: Lightweight event manager used by all in-house plugins to handle custom events
  • KT-Image-Input: Customizable image input control with dynamic image thumbnail preview. View
  • KT-Password-Meter: Advanced password input control with passport strength indicator. View
  • KT-Scrolltop: Customizable scroll control from footer to top with animation. View
  • KT-Search: Quick search form control with built-in inline and dropdown result display through callback. View
  • KT-Swapper: Swap element parent on breakpoint change to improve element responsiveness. View
  • KT-Toggle: Toggle given class for element on click to change element’s state with user interaction. View
  • KT-Util: Core library of utility helpers for DOM manipulation
  • KT-Cookie: Handle browser cookies with simple API. View

Depply customized 3rd party Plugins

  • Select2: Interactive customizable replacement for standard select control
  • Datatables: Advanced interaction controls for HTML tables
  • Flatpickr: Lightweight and powerful datetime picker
  • Sweetalert2:  Customizable replacement for JavaScript’s popup boxes
  • Toastr: JavaScript toast notifications
  • Inputmask: A javascript library that creates an input mask
  • Dropzone:  Drag and drop file uploads with image previews
  • Daterangepicker: Range of dates dropdown picker
  • Tagify: Powerful tags input component
  • FormValidation: Premium form validation library for Javascript.
  • Autosize: Custom control for automatically adjusting textarea height
  • Clipboard: Modern approach to copy text to clipboard. No Flash. No frameworks
  • Form Repeater: Creates an interface to add and remove a repeatable group of input elements
  • Inputmask: Input mask control with the predefined format for dates, numerics, phone numbers
  • Bootstrap Maxlength: Visual feedback indicator for textarea  maxlength attribute
  • noUiSlider: Lightweight range slider with multi-touch support and a ton of features
  • Google Recaptcha: Protects your website from fraud and abuse without creating friction
  • TinyMCE: The world’s most popular customizable rich text editor.
  • CKEditor: Modern JavaScript rich text editor with a modular architecture
  • Quil: Easy to use text editor to support content creation across the web
  • Apexchart: Loaded with powerful features to fulfill your data-visualization needs
  • ChartJS: Simple and flexible JavaScript charting for designers & developers
  • CountUp: Quickly create animations that display numerical data in a more interesting way
  • Cropper: Advanced JavaScript image cropper library for online image editing
  • Draggable: Draggable is a lightweight, responsive, modern drag & drop. Library
  • Fullscreen Lightbox: Powerful plugin for displaying various types of sources in beautiful overlaying box
  • jKanban: Pure agnostic Javascript plugin for Kanban boards
  • jsTree: Interactive, easily extendable, themable and configurable tree view that supports HTML & JSON data sources and AJAX loading
  • Smooth Scroll: A lightweight script to animate scrolling to anchor links
  • Tiny Slider: All purpose slider inspired by Owl Carousel
  • Typed.js: A library that types. Enter in any string, and watch it type at the speed you’ve set
  • Vis-timeline: An interactive visualization chart to visualize data in time
  • Bootstrap Icons:  High quality, open source icon library with nearly 1,200 icons
  • Font Awesome: A popular icon set and toolkit of vector icons and social logos
  • Line Awesome: Swap Font Awesome for modern Line Awesome Icons in one line of code and use right away

Exclusive Premium Vectors

  • Duotune Pro: 400+ crafted duotone icons. Worth 12$
  • Sketchy Pro: 30 Hand Drawn sketch illustrations. Worth 12$
  • Sigma Pro: 30 vivid style illustrations. Worth 9$
  • United Palms Pro: 30 hand based illustrations. Worth 8$
  • Doozy Pro: Set of 20 business illustrations. Worth 6$

Our Roadmap

  • In Progress: New Dashboards
  • In Progress: New Exclusive Vectors
  • To-do: Typescript core components
  • To-do: Inbox App
  • To-do: eCommerce App
  • To-do: New Crafted pages
  • To-do: 3rd Party Plugins

Please feel free to Conact Us to suggest new features

Free Updates

KeenThemes truly understand customers’ needs and therefore, our prime strategy is to provide continuous updates of new features and improvements, free-of-charge to our customers. By purchasing Craft Admin Template, you will be entitled to receive free lifetime updates

Stay In touch 🙂

If you like our work, do get connected with us by following us on Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. This way, you will always be the first to receive our latest news and updates!

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Desktop applications
  • by 文政
  • 6 months ago
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This theme is one of my favorite styles, and I'm even more surprised by its support for 'Blazor', which I'm trying to use for desktop applications.

Dark mode
  • by Ulrich Pascal
  • 6 months ago
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Very nice theme, thanks for the great job achieved.
May I know if you plan to introduce a dark mode on this theme ?

  • Theme Creator
  • 6 months ago

Hi :),

We're glad that you enjoyed Craft. The full dark skin mode will be released very soon along with new amazing features such as a calendar app, new plugins, and more.


Build Error
  • by Max
  • 7 months ago
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ERROR in ./src/sass/style.scss
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js):
ModuleBuildError: Module build failed (from ./node_modules/sass-loader/dist/cjs.js):
SassError: Can't find stylesheet to import.

87 │ @import "nouislider-custom";
│ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

srcsasscomponentscomponents.scss 87:9 @import
srcsassstyle.scss 9:9 root stylesheet
at processResult (E:ProjectsblazorsampleBlazorAppnpmjsnode_

  • Theme Creator
  • 7 months ago

Hi :),

Thank you for your feedback and appreciation.

This is related to Blazor integration and you can fix it following:

1) Copy theme/src/sass/components/components.scss file code and paste it into components.scss inside Blazor project.

2) Inside this file fix all node_module paths.

Change this path:

@import "../../../tools/node_modules/bootstrap/scss/root";


@import "~bootstrap/scss/root";

For more info please contact our support via


Looks good but some widgets are not working
  • by Ahmad
  • 8 months ago
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I have purchased the theme few days back. I'm currently facing issues as some widgets like sidebar and notification are not properly working. I'm in touch with the support, so lets see how that goes. I'll keep posting until this get resolved.


So, I have been in constant touch with KeenThemes and they provided a very good support to me until i was able to resolve the issues. Updating the star rating from 3 to 5.

Version 1.0.10 – 11 October 2021


  • File Manager app.
  • Bootstrap Toasts integration.


  • Bootstrap v5.1.3 update.
  • FormValidation v1.9.0 update.
  • Toastr plugin update.


  • Bootstrap Toastsand Toastr conflict.


Version 1.0.9 – 7  October 2021


  • SweetAlert plugin integration.
  • Tiny Slider plugin integration.
  • Bootstrap Maxlength plugin integration.
  • CountUp plugin integration.
  • Select2 integration with Bootstrap Input Group.
  • Form Repeater plugin integration.
  • Buttons hover effects.
  • Bootstrap Form Controls integration.
  • Bootstrap Input Group integration.
  • Advanced Form Controls examples.


  • Bootstrap v5.1.2 update.


  • KTMenu dropdown alignment issue on mobile mode.
  • Customer App filter modal datepicker validation issue.
  • Layout Builder issue with default minimized aside mode.


Version 1.0.8 –  31 August 2021


  • Included United Palms Pro(worth 8$)set of 30 illustrations.
  • Included Sketchy Pro(worth 12$)set of 30 illustrations.
  • Included Dozzy Pro(worth 6$)set of 20 illustrations.
  • Multiple illustrations support across pages and apps with in-house designed illustration sets.
  • Select2 country list with flag implementation.
  • Select2 user list with avatar implementation.
  • Tagify country list with flag implementation.
  • Tagify user list with avatar implementation.
  • Ajax Server Side DataTables improvements.
  • Autosize Textarea plugin integration.
  • Bootstrap vertical tabs integration.


  • .container class changed to .container-xxl in demos layouts for better responsiveness in small to medium desktop sizes.
  • Removed .data-kt-menu-flip attributes from the HTML code of KTMenu instances to automatically handle the responsive and parent overflow modes.
  • .svg illustrations replaced with .png version in HTML for page loading time improvement.


  • Fixed KTMenu responsive and parent overflow issues.
  • Fixed KTBlockUI build error in Webpack.


Version 1.0.7 –  11 August 2021


  • Included Duotune Pro(worth 12$) set of 280+ icons.
  • Included Sigma Pro(worth 9$) set of 30 illustrations.


  • KTStepper wizard form validation flow improvements.
  • All illustrations are replaced with in-house designed SVG illustrations provided in 7 formats.
  • Duotone SVG icons were replaced with in-house designed Duotune icons.


Version 1.0.6 –  10 August 2021


  • Dark Modecomplete layout and pages.
  • Dark Modecomplete documentation and components.
  • Duotune in-house designed SVG with 300+ icons.
  • Customers app.
  • Calendar app.
  • Ajax Datatable integration.
  • jsTree plugin integration.
  • Vis-Timeline plugin integration.
  • BlockUI in-house plugin.
  • FormValidation plugin integration.
  • Flot Charts plugin integration.
  • Google Charts plugin integration.
  • jKanban Board plugin integration.
  • Cropper.js plugin integration.
  • TinyMCE plugin integration.
  • CKEditor plugin integration.
  • Quill plugin integration.
  • KTMenu in-house component.


  • Bootstrap v5.1.0 update.
  • 3rd-Party Plugins update.
  • RTL Version improvements.
  • Apexchart v3.27.3 update.


  • Fullcalendar toolbar not wrapped properly on mobile breakpoints.


Version 1.0.5 –  5 July 2021


  • Laravel Integrationdocumentation.
  • Drawer in-house plugin documentation.
  • Fullcalendar plugin integration.
  • Draggable plugin integration.
  • Swapperin-house plugin.
  • Quick Search in-house plugin.
  • Sticky in-house plugin.
  • Cookiein-house plugin.
  • Password Meter in-house plugin.


  • Bootstrap v5.0.2 update integration.
  • Documentation Layout enhancements.
  • KTPlace component class name changed to KTSwapperand data-kt-place-*attribute name changed to data-kt-swapper-*.


  • Fixed deprecation warnings in Sass during compilation for /division following the Bootstrap authors recommendation.
  • Datatablesort icon position fix.


Version 1.0.4 –  10 June 2021


  • Scroll in-house plugin documentation.
  • Drawer in-house plugin documentation.
  • Image Input in-house plugin documentation.
  • Toggle in-house plugin documentation.
  • Triangle Ribbon in-house plugin new option.


  • FormValidation v1.8.1 plugin update.


  • Fixed Form Checkvalidations show error message at a wrong place.


Version 1.0.3 –  26 May, 2021


  • Bootstrap Alerts plugin integration.
  • Bootstrap Tooltips dismiss on click option.


  • Fixed FormValidation message display in wrong container for sign-up forms.


Version 1.0.2 –  24 May, 2021


  • Toastr plugin integration.
  • Smooth Scroll plugin integration.
  • Apexchartsplugin integration.
  • Chartjsplugin integration.


  • Access CSS variables in Javascript.


  • Fixed gulp-dart-sass warnings.
  • Fixed Stepper demo’s responsive issue.


Version 1.0.1 –  20 May, 2021


  • Bootstrap v5.0.1 update.
  • Webpack builder.
  • Blazor integration documentation.
  • Chat app.
  • Group Chat app option.
  • Drawer Chat app option.
  • Quick Chat Messanger launched from the Topbar chat button.
  • User Management app.
  • User List page with add/edit user modals.
  • User Details page with user profile, settings, logs and more.
  • User Roles page with complete CRUD features.
  • User Permissions page with complete CRUD features.
  • Blazor framework integration documentation.
  • KTStepper exclusive plugin documentation.
  • Fullscreen Lightbox plugin integration.
  • Bootstrap Tooltips integration.
  • Bootstrap Popover integration.
  • DropzoneJS file upload plugin integration.
  • Bootstrap Multiselectsplitter plugin integration.
  • Google reCAPTCHA v3 plugin integration.
  • Typed.js plugin integration.
  • Ribbon component with complete documentation.
  • Clipboard plugin integration.


  • DataTables plugin documentation improvement.
  • FormValidation v1.8.0 update.


  • Fixed Select2 search input focus issue on modal.
  • Fixed long modal content overflowing issue.
  • Fixed Menus and Drawers toggle issue for iOS v12.x and v13.x.


Version 1.0.0 –  19 April, 2021

  • Initial release.

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5.00/5 (4 reviews)



Released9 months ago
Updated3 months ago
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