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Coach – Coaching & Courses Bootstrap 5 Theme


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Coach is a fully responsive Bootstrap 5 website template ideal for fitness coaches, motivational speakers, online courses, and life coaches. Coach is the personal website template that will help you to create your personal websites, portfolio, and courses, and sell online skills.

Built with Bootstrap 5, it looks perfect on all major browsers, tablets, and phones. Coach is an exquisite bootstrap theme intended for creating an online coaching website. Live preview Bootstrap 5. Coach is also available in Bootstrap 5 RTL CSS. Bootstrap RTL.

Pre-Build Home Pages

Exquisite page design for a keynote speaker and coaching professional.

  • Keynote Speaker: The keynote speaker layout design.
  • Business Coach:  Professional business coaching design. 
  • Life Coach: Life coaching concept design. 
  • CEO Coach: Entrepreneur coaching business 
  • Fitness Coach: Fitness coach landing page [New]
  • Yoga Coach: Yoga Coach personal trainer website template [New]

Utility Pages

Coach supporting the pages that will help to build a complete coaching business site.

Courses / Program Page Design

  • Program List [New]
  • Program Grid
  • Program Single
  • Courses List
  • Courses Single page

Podcast Page Design

  • Podcast List
  • Podcast Grid [New]
  • Podcast Single

Events Page Design

  • Event List
  • Event Single

Extra Pages

  • Sign In
  • Sign In (Cover)
  • Sign Up
  • Sign Up (Cover)
  • Password Reset
  • Verify Password (New)

Utility Page Design

  • About us
  • Contact us
  • 404 page
  • Team page
  • Pricing Page
  • Video Stories [New]

Account Settings Pages

  • Profile
  • Subscription
  • Security
  • Notification
  • User Manage
  • Payment Setting
  • Payment History

Help Center Design

Design an amazing support help center.

  • Help Home Page
  • Help Category
  • Article Single
  • Support Profile 

Shop E-Commerce Design

  • Product (List/View Page)
  • Product Single Page
  • Shopping Cart
  • Cart Checkout
  • Empty Card
  • Order Completed

Webinar Design Page

  • Webinar List
  • Webinar Single
  • Webinar Booking Page

Lead Generation Page Design

  • Free Session Booking page
  • Book Download Landing page

Blog Page Design

  • Blog
  • Blog Classic
  • Blog Author
  • Blog Category
  • Blog Single

Theme Feature

Coach comes with several well-designed pages like program, event, podcast, courses, and multiple support pages. Each page is built of multiple independent components. Coach is easy to customize as it was built by developers using Sass, Gulp, and Bootstrap 5 CSS framework.

  • Built with the latest Bootstrap 5.1.1
  • Thoroughly customized SASS
  • Gulp automation tool to boost your production
  • Developer friendly and well-commented code structure
  • W3C Validated all HTML files are verified and error-free
  • Bootstrap 5 rtl template with example. Quickly get a project started with any of our examples.
  • Fully documented  workflow and components are properly documented
  • Support

Do you have a question? By default, you get 6 months of technical support and you will be able to talk with the creators of the theme to get the best quality support you can get. Please contact us.

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Thank you for great personalized support.
  • by Maureen
  • 2 years ago
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Thank you, Codescandy. You helped a node/npm/js/gulp neophyte get up and going. You have built a wonderful theme. I'm just dipping in and looking forward to the fun.
I'm sure as I understand a bit more, it will even be more fun. Thanks again.

Great theme. Prompt and helpful support.
  • by Josh
  • 3 years ago
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A great theme that is very clean and versatile. Works for many site categories (not just coaches, motivational speakers, or online courses). Support was very prompt and helpful with my inquiry.

  • Theme Creator
  • 3 years ago

Thanks Josh! Appreciate the kind words and we look forward to continuing to expand Coach theme features in the near future :) Cheers!

v2.1.0 – Yoga Coach Design

Added New HTML Page:

  • Yoga Coach Design
    • Homepage
    • Course list
    • Course Single

Added New Bootstrap Snippets in Docs:

  • Updated Snippet
    • Snippet-header.html
    • Snippet-hero.html
    • Snippet-pageheader.html
    • Snippet-card.html
    • Snippet-pricing.html
    • Snippet-video.html
    • Snippet-icon-blocks.html
    • snippet-hero.html

Updated SCSS Files:

  • optimizing all SCSS
  • navbar
  • dropdown
  • variables
  • plyr in vendors

Added New Images

  • yoga folder

Updated Dependencies

  • Updated All plugins to the latest.
  • Updated bootstrap@5.3.0-alpha3
  • Other small Fixed & Improved.


JavaScript & CSS –

  • JavaScript & CSS optimized.

updated Dependencies

  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.2.2
  • Updated All plugins to the latest.


Added New Components/Utilities in Docs

  • Background
  • Colored Links
  • Opacity
  • Ratio
  • Stacks
  • Shadows
  • Text
  • Text truncation
  • Vertical rule
  • Updated New Bootstrap Component
    • Bootstrap 5 Alerts
    • Bootstrap 5 Forms
    • Bootstrap 5 Modal
    • Input-group
    • Bootstrap 5 Cards

Updated SCSS Files:

  • Updated Docs SCSS with .ratio class

List of updated Dependencies

  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.1.3
  • Updated All plugins to the latest.


Added New HTML Page:

Added New Bootstrap Components in Docs:

  • Added Placeholder Components
  • Updated New Bootstrap Component
  • Live Alert
  • Horizontal Collapse
  • Positioned Badge
  • Opacity Text color
  • Toggle between modals
  • Numbered List
  • Offcanvas Navbar
  • Toast: Custom content & Color schemes

Updated SCSS Files:

  • Enhanced utilities and variables

List of updated Dependencies

  • Updated All plugins to latest.
  • Updated gulp-sass
  • Updated gulpfile.js
  • Other small Fixed & Improved.

v1.1.3. & 2.0.3

  • Updated to Bootstrap v5.0.2.
  • Updated other dependencies.
  • Other small changes and bug fixes.

v1.1.2. & 2.0.2 – 26 April 2021

v1.1.2. & 2.0.1 – 25 March 2021

  • Added case-studies Demo
  • Added case-study-single Demo
  • Added terms-and-condition 
  • Bootstrap v5.0.0-beta2 updated Demo
  • Bootstrap Icon v1.4.0 
  • Remove Flat Icon from menu
  • Other small changes.

v1.1.1. & 2.0.0

  • Bootstrap v5 available
  • Account settings page (Dashboard)
  • Help Centre Design
  • Shop eCommerce Design
  • Webinar Design
  • Developer Snippets
  • Pricing Page
  • Documentation Improve.
  • Minor responsive issue solve.


  • Added business coach 
  • Added life coach 
  • Added CEO coach 
  • Added program list 
  • Added podcast thumbnail 
  • Added courses thumbnail 
  • Added courses single 
  • Added team page
  • Added book download page 
  • Added stories 
  • Added booking page 
  • New Images, SCSS files, and Update Files.


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5.00/5 (2 reviews)



Released3 years ago
Updated5 months ago
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