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Component-based frameworks designed, built, and supported by the Bootstrap Team.

"Each Bootstrap theme provides a comprehensive set of tools that's super easy to get up and running—it gives you a huge leg up when starting a project"

Katie Zhu, Engineer at Medium

Themes built as frameworks

Each theme was designed as its own extended version of Bootstrap, built for a specific set of problems. To do this we've not only extended many of your favorite parts of Bootstrap, but also introduced dozens of completely new utilities, components, and plugins.

Components and examples

Each theme features new components built to the same level of quality as Bootstrap and highlighted with several example pages.

Tons of variables

Theme components inherit much of their style from variables, exactly like Bootstrap. Change a few values and the theme adapts.

Source files and tools

Each Bootstrap theme includes all the source and compiled files you'll need, including npm and Gulp based build tools.

Documentation and tooling

Every component and plugin is thoroughly documented with live examples and code blocks for easier use and customization—just like Bootstrap itself. Not comfortable diving that deep? No worries, you can get started by double clicking index.html!

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Free updates and support

Bootstrap Themes all include free updates, including compatibility upgrades for Bootstrap patches and even major version bumps. Need help? Shoot us an email at themes@getbootstrap.com.

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Free updates

Each theme comes with updates for the life of the theme. This means you'll never pay for any bug-fixes and compatibility upgrades for your theme, ever.


All our themes have two simple licenses. Our Standard License is for building sites for yourself or your client. Our Extended License is for building apps you're going to charge for.

Technical support

We're here to help with your Bootstrap Themes questions. Shoot us an email at themes@getbootstrap.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.